Uber Announces Rewards Program

If you’re looking for another excuse to avoid public transit, we have some very good news. When they’re not too busy developing mini helicopters and electric scooters, the team at Uber is hard at work maximizing their traditional rideshare service — and despite the occasional hiccup, the company has proven pretty reliable in getting passengers from point A to point B. This continued emphasis on innovation is why the brand has become one of the leading rideshare apps in the world.

Not one to rest, Uber has once again announced a new tweak and it’s sure to make loyal customers extremely happy. Earlier today, company reps released a statement confirming that Uber users will now have a rewards program to help them save while they ride. According to early reports, the service will mirror that of an airline model and will boost riders with an assortment of benefits the more they use the app.

Uber Rewards will be free for everyone and will be broken down into a handful of categories. As of now, you’ll be able to become Blue, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond members. Earning points is easy and will be done after every dollar spent on the taxi service. When it launches, you’ll be able to get one point for Uber Pool and Uber Eats orders; two points for Select, UberX, UberXL, and three points for Uber SUV and Black.

Benefits of entering these tiers will include things like priority pick ups and cancelling trips free of charge. Uber Rewards will be available in nine pilot cities first, but there are plans to launch everywhere else in the very near future. For more details check out the press release here.

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