Here’s the First Trailer for Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dunkirk’

Above: Allied soldiers line the beach in 'Dunkirk'

Earlier this year, we received our first glimpse of Dunkirk, the war epic from visionary director, Christopher Nolan. The film will be the first historical drama from the Batman mastermind, and will reunite the filmmaker with trusted actors Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy. The short teaser and limited press shots were enough to excite Nolan fans, who anxiously await his every production. Many tabloids gained interest in the project as well, after it was revealed that boy band superstar, Harry Styles, was set to make his theatrical debut, as a young allied soldier taking on enemy forces.

More than four months after the first footage was released, audiences are now getting a better look at the WWII project. Earlier today, Warner Bros. launched the official trailer for Dunkirk, and it’s safe to say, the film looks action-packed. Clocking in at two minutes, the video shows off the grand scale of the Nolan production, and boasts elaborate set pieces, true to the Battle of Dunkirk itself. The event which inspired this blockbuster, resulted in immense casualties on either end, and it appears as though the film adaptation won’t shy away from the brutalities of war.

If the trailer simply wasn’t enough, you can catch a prologue to the film, which will play in theatres before Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Christopher Nolan used a similar marketing tactic, when he gave a few minutes of The Dark Knight Rises to play in IMAX theatres before the movie’s initial release. Meanwhile, you can watch the epic trailer for Dunkirk below, via YouTube. You can see the film in theatres, when it debuts this July.

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