Here’s the Very Ominous Teaser for ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7

Above: The premiere date was revealed using a block of ice

At this point, we’d be hard-pressed to find another television show that’s more anticipated than HBO’s Game of Thrones. After six impressive years, the critical darling and ratings juggernaut is finally edging closer to a finale, and will enter its penultimate season later this summer. For the uninitiated, you still have enough time to catch up on the fantasy drama and if you’ve yet to indulge, we strongly encourage you to do so immediately.

Details regarding the new season are still extremely scarce, but unconfirmed leaks from production are promising signs that things will somehow be even more epic than previous entries. We know, with all of the magic, towering giants, and dragon encounters, that task almost seems impossible to execute. However, when you realize that Westeros is on the brink of two major wars, it would only make sense to expect the grandeur of season seven to be turned all the way up.

After months of agonizing speculation, fans were finally treated to some official footage of Game of Thrones‘ upcoming season – well, sort of. The HBO team took to social media yesterday to slowly reveal the release date of the premiere episode, and did so using a block of ice. Yes, that’s right: a block of ice. Users had to log onto Facebook and watch as the piece of ice slowly deteriorated until one could make out the official date, which was eventually confirmed as June 6th.

In addition to the glacial reveal (all puns intended here), HBO released a stirring new trailer for the series. The video was uploaded to various social media accounts following the icy gimmick, and heavily features family sigils with an accompaniment of ominous quotes from select characters. You can take a peek at that aforementioned footage below, and promptly get yourself hyped. For more on the upcoming season of Game of Thrones, keep it locked right here on AmongMen.

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