Learn All About the Nike SB Dunk in New Documentary

Above: The Nike SB Dunk became a must-have for skaters everywhere

Fifteen years ago, Nike delved into the world of skateboarding with the release of the SB Dunk. It was a daring move for the company, who had yet to properly align themselves with the fast growing sport. Despite some early skepticism, the sneakers became an instant hit through some slick design, undeniable comfort, and affiliation with respected riders. Aside from its practical use and growing popularity inside the skate community, the SB Dunks took customization and collaboration to a whole new level, and the results were unique, bold, and rare offerings that attracted the interest of casual fans and diehard sneakerheads. The Dunks lit a new flame within both the skate and streetwear communities, something that has grown steadily over the shoe’s decade and a half history.

Recently, the folks over at VICE Sports decided to profile the famous sneaker, going behind the scenes with its creators, resellers, and sponsored riders. The twenty minute documentary shows us just how the shoes became a must-have for customers around the world, and how they’ve managed to remain fresh all of these years. Not only does the piece explain the Dunk’s history, but so too does it interview some heavy hitters like skaters Paul Rodriques and Anti Social Social Club founder, Neek Lurk. You can check out the entirety of the video below via YouTube.

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