We Tried It: I.N.O.X. Carbon

Above: The Victorinox Swiss Army I.N.O.X. Carbon
We Tried It: I.N.O.X. Carbon

The stainless steel and titanium members of the Victorinox I.N.O.X roster are already Colossus caliber super heroes, surviving 130 extreme strength tests (including a tank rollover) but the stone cold newbie on the block amps up the X Factor thanks to its carbon bod culled from the earth’s crust. The watch sports the same high quality carbon resin composite that kept astronauts safe and sound inside the space shuttle during re-entry where temperatures exceeded 1,260 °C.

So off the charts heat resistance has been added to its long list of indestructible bona fides. You also see carbon composites used in the body panels of supercars and the hulls of super yachts. Dense and durable to the nth power is an apt way to describe the I.N.O.X Carbon, fully capable of handling the most extreme situations on earth and beyond.

Matte-black with subtle yet sophisticated marbling give the timepiece a strong, yet slightly vulnerable, dead sexy vibe. A red loop with military times printed underneath the crystal creates a cool contrast from the overall back in black aesthetic. Weight wise despite the same 43mm case width it’s decidedly lighter than previous solid block metal I.N.O.X models with the carbon cutting the wrist heft. The carbon case is also hypoallergenic and feels softer to the touch. Overall the look comes off more rugged and adventurous than its fellow I.N.O.X brethren.  Water resistant to 200 meters and packing a lithium long life battery inside it’ll handle whatever shocks rigors your active lifestyle throws at it.

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