Lilly Wachowski Comes Out As Transgender After Media Threatened To ‘Out Her’

(Photo courtesy of: Lilly Wachowski & Windy City Times)
Lily Wachowski Comes Out As Transgender Years After Filmmaker’s Sister Transitions

The second half of the directing duo known as the Wachowskis has come out as transgender.

Lilly Wachowski, formerly known as Andy Wachowski, released a statement to Windy City Times after allegedly enduring threats from major media outlets that threatened to out her. The statement explains her decision to speak her truth with an empowering message of encouragement for others who may be experiencing the same bullying tactic.

“Being transgender is not easy,” Wachowski says. “We live in a majority-enforced gender binary world. This means when you’re transgender you have to face the hard reality of living the rest of your life in a world that is openly hostile to you.”

“The ‘news’ has almost come out a couple of times,” Wachowski writes. “Each was preceded by an ominous email from my agent — reporters have been asking for statements regarding the ‘Andy Wachowski gender transition’ story they were about to publish.”

Wachowski goes on to recount an incident in which a reporter from the Daily Mail showed up at her home to elicit an exclusive on her gender transition.

“After he had given me his card, and I closed the door it began to dawn on me where I had heard of the Daily Mail,” Wachowski writes. “It was the ‘news’ organization that had played a huge part in the national public outing of Lucy Meadows, an elementary school teacher and trans woman in the UK.”

Wachowski decided instead to come out on her own terms.

“So yeah,” she writes. “I’m transgender.”

Lilly Wachowski’s sister, Lana Wachowski, previously came out as transgender in 2012 with an unforgettable speech at a Human Rights Campaign fundraising event in San Francisco. “I wanted to be a filmmaker, but I couldn’t find anyone like me in the world,” Lana said in her speech, as quoted by the Hollywood Reporter. “It felt like my dreams were foreclosed simply because my gender was less typical than others. If I can be that person for someone else, then the sacrifice of my private civic life may have value.”

For more information on the need for sensitivity and general respect regarding transgender issues, visit GLAAD’s media reference guide.

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  1. Avatar
    • Michael Montague
    • March 9, 2016

    It would take tremendous strength for any gender to “come out” at any time. I personally take offense to this rampant Media bullying and there must be some accountability. Threat-filled Bullying is not acceptable for any reason.

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