Netflix Renews ‘Grace And Frankie’

Above: The cast and creators of the Netflix comedy, 'Grace and Frankie'

Netflix’s popular new comedy Grace and Frankie is getting a second season, and apparently we have Miley Cyrus to thank.

Series creator Marta Kauffman is no stranger to early success, having been an executive on the NBC megahit Friends, which is currently enjoying a revival also powered by Netflix. If you’re excited to sit down and watch Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin sassing each other out, we have Miley Cyrus to thank for keeping the train going. Kauffman explains, “Miley Cyrus does a tweet about your show, and they call and say, ‘We’d like to do a season two.’ So yes, there is a season two.” Who knew tweets like that were so powerful? Quick, someone get Lady Gaga tweeting about Happy Endings.

The second season of Grace and Frankie is set to debut next year. In the meantime, I guess it’s time to party in the USA. Thank you very much, Miley Cyrus.

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