We Tried It: Loudmouth’s Lost Ball Pants

Product: Loudmouth’s Lost Ball Pants
Price: $105
Who tried it: Golf junkie and AmongMen contributor Mike Dojc
Available: Loudmouth.com

Loudmouth, the brash purveyor of “look-at-me” trousers worn by everybody from Bill Murray and John Daly to the silver medal winning Norwegian Olympic curling team. has created a pattern that flies in the face of their audacious, meticulously cultivated, gaudy-in-a-good-way-like-Lady-Gaga brand image.

Their “Lost Ball” look is a grass print so hyper realistic, if you were to lie down on the fairway and doze off, your playing partner may accidentally take a divot out of your leg.  The brand worn primarily to get noticed has abandoned its wild and in your face modus operandi and jumped to the polar opposite end of the style spectrum—special ops caliber discrete.  In certain light these pants can turn golfers into floating torsos.  While you’re busy playing chameleon, blending into your surroundings and pranking your pals, you may also notice that the stretchy poly/spandex blend is light and slinky and feels barely there, perfect attire for the partially invisible man.

When deciding what shirt to throw on to go with them, accentuate the true star of the outfit by toning down up top. An essential stark white polo will really let these pants shine. If you’d like your lady to match your freshly mowed attire, the lost ball look is also available in a skort.

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