Woman Crush Wednesday: Cobie Smulders

Above: Cobie Smulders

Name: Cobie Smulders

Birthdate: April 3, 1982

Birthplace: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Claim to fame: She is best known for her roles as Robin Scherbatsky on the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother, and most recently, playing Maria Hill in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What we can see her in next: Cobie stars opposite Guy Pearce in a quirky comedy titled Results, which releases in limited theatres in the US on May 29.

Interesting fact: Her character Robin on How I Met Your Mother became Canadian after the show creators discovered she was Canadian and realized how awesome Canadian people are.

Best quote: “What’s more awkward than doing a shower scene? Rehearsing a shower scene.”

Why we love her: Cobie Smulders is a good ole’ Canadian girl. She’s attractive in a very “normal” sort of way, which is exactly what you’d expect out of a Canadian in show business. We won’t overpower you or exactly wow you in any sort of way, but we’ll slowly win you over with our charm, charisma, and genuine and easygoing demeanor. The great part about Cobie’s career is that she got to play a Canadian on the hit show How I Met Your Mother. Which seems like an anomaly, doesn’t it? It seems as though American film and TV is always trying to hide anything Canadian. But the show creators decided to make her character, Robin, Canadian after they met her and loved her and figured out that a lot of Canadians are awesome.

Born in Vancouver, BC, she got her start modeling in her teenage years where she lived internationally for several years before moving back to Canada in her early twenties to give the acting thing a go. There were several bit roles on various television shows, before she eventually booked the role as a news reporter on the CBS show we came to know her from. The show ran for nine ultra successful seasons, and now like many television actors, Cobie is working on building upon a burgeoning film career.

So far some film highlights were her supporting role in the film Safe Haven, and her biggest break yet, playing Maria Hill in the Marvel Universe. She first starred as Hill in the 2012 Avenger’s film, and then reprised her role in Captain America: The Winter Solider and this year’s Avengers: Age of Ultron. She was also recently considered for the leading superhero role of Wonder Woman, but unfortunately production of the film has been delayed.

How I Met Your Mother definitely gave her a platform of opportunity, and a few years to prove she can hack it on the big screen and become a bona-fide movie star, which is always exciting news when you’re talking about someone from Canada. It just seems to be that much more of a victory because it shows you were a small fish that managed to successfully swim and survive in the big ocean. A tip of the cap to Cobie on showing us and everyone else she can play more than just a Canadian.

You can catch her latest film, Results, in limited theatres on May 29. 

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