New Google Maps Feature Lets You Visit the International Space Station

Above: See the world through the eyes of an astronaut via Google Maps

If you’ve ever dreamt of leaving the planet’s atmosphere and exploring the galaxy, you may be in luck. No, we’re not talking about a futuristic space car, but please stay with us because this bit of news is pretty damn cool. While we’ve been chilling here on Earth, the software wizards over at Google Maps have been hard at work developing an exciting new feature that brings everyone closer to the wonders of space.

It may not be a physical vessel, but what the company has done is craft a virtual experience aboard the International Space Station. Google has amplified its impressive Street View tech to include some amazing point of views from the habitable satellite, which originally launched into orbit back in 1998.

For the first time ever, all 15 modules on the ISS are available to check out from the comfort of your computer or mobile device. Not only can you venture throughout the space station, but you can do so in crisp HD resolution. You can also scroll around in 360 degrees, so make sure you don’t miss any cool gadgets or impressive new angles.

This isn’t the first time Google has upped its game using Street View. In 2013, the brand unveiled a new feature that allows users to experience the harshness of the Canadian arctic. It was a cool little add-on that required a crack team of mappers with a 30-pound Trekker unit attached to their backpack. If you’ve yet to check out that amazing function, you can do so over here.

The ISS Google Street View is officially live this week, and you can get lost in the awesomeness by visiting Maps. For a little preview of the update, watch the demo video below.

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