About Face: Island Joy, Cuban Lemon Lip Scrub

This month? Your must-have product is Island Joy's Cuban Lemon Lip Scrub
About Face: Island Joy, Cuban Lemon Lip Scrub

When you think about good grooming, we know that shaving, moisturizing and sunscreen will be top of mind. As for your lips, well, it’s not often they make the cut, at least not above and beyond contemplating running a waxy balm across them and calling it a day. Adding a lip scrub into your routine, however, makes smart and face-saving sense.

Your lips are comprised of a much thinner layer of skin than the rest of your face so they require more TLC than your other body parts. They’re also constantly exposed to the elements, like pollution, sun and heat and you use them like crazy so naturally, they take a daily beating. Factor in summer activities like swimming (a.k.a: chlorine), sailing (a.k.a: salt), cycling (a.k.a: windburn) and yes, drinking (a.k.a: alcohol), and you need more than your handy-dandy pocket-sized lip balm to keep them looking and feeling great. You need to exfoliate to rehydrate and alleviate chapped and worn out lips.

While your toothbrush and even a facial exfoliant can do the trick and eliminate flakes, for truly dehydrated lips you need a scrub that contains moisturizing and exfoliating agents. Products like Island Joy, Cuban Lemon Lip Scrub contain both with fine sugar crystals that gently remove dryness without tearing or bleeding and natural humectants cupuacu seed butter, honey, organic coconut oil, jojoba seed and lemon peel oils to hydrate and lock moisturize back into your skin. It’s the best way to create optimal lip health.

And because this particular product is homegrown (a.k.a: Canadian with island roots), it’s upping the lip-fix ante by infusing a zesty Cuban lemon scent and by ensuring zero fillers, petrochemicals, toxic chemicals, phthalates or dyes are included in it’s formulation.

The Island Joy, Cuban Lemon Lip Scrub is 30 ml for $20, available online at www.islandjoy.ca.

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