Conor McGregor’s F*ck You Suit Can Now Be Yours

Conor McGregor's F*ck You Suit Can Now Be Yours

The four-stop press tour promoting the upcoming, highly anticipated boxing face-off between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor may be over, but no one can stop talking about that suit. You know the one—McGregor showed up at first stop of the tour in LA wearing what appeared at first glance to be a custom David August pinstripe three-piece suit. On closer inspection it becomes clear that those aren’t just regular pinstripes—they actually spelled out “Fuck You” over and over.

You’re probably thinking there’s no possible place anyone could wear something like that other than to an event where the sole purpose is to trash talk someone you’re about to fight on TV for millions of dollars. But demand for the suit begs to differ. People want that suit. For what? Some excellent possibilities might include:

Conor McGregor's F You Suit Can Now Be Yours - 2
– To unceremoniously quit your job in the middle of an important client meeting
– To crash the wedding of an ex who cheated on you
– To dispute a parking ticket
– To an interview for a job you don’t even want
– On a date with someone you’re about to break up with

Anyway, no matter the occasion you have in mind, it’s now possible to get your own Fuck You suit. Label David August is now adding the print to their made-to-measure collection for a limited time. “Right after Conor wore the suit I started receiving text messages and phone calls from our clients asking for the exact look,” says CEO David August Heil in a statement. “We’re only producing a limited quantity, which will be numbered and signed by myself so it will be an exclusive group who own this style.”

The suit is a three-piece style that includes details like French facing construction, stacked buttons, hand-stitching and other custom options tailored to the buyer’s personal taste. Of course, the suit won’t be cheap (around $6,500 USD), so you better have a really special occasion in mind. Or a workplace with a really lax dress code—and a great sense of humour.

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