New Season of ‘Black Mirror’ Gets a Release Date

Earlier this fall, it was revealed that Black Mirror was delving into a new and exciting form of storytelling. Reports from Bloomberg confirmed that the acclaimed Netflix series was developing a special choose your own adventure event that would allow fans to manipulate the plotline of an episode.

Naturally, this tidbit got everyone and their mom looking forward to the forthcoming season, but despite some educated guesses, there was still no release date in sight. Thankfully, it looks like we can now expect the unique interactive episode, along with all of other chapters, in the very near future.

According to a new leak, Black Mirror will return to the small screen on December 28. The information made its way onto the internet via a since-deleted tweet from Netflix’s official Twitter account. Not only did we get an actual release date locked down, but the abovementioned post also gave us the title of the premiere episode.

The unfortunate social media flub leads us to believe that the first chapter will be called “Bandersnatch”. Well it may not divulge a ton of information, a quick Google search and some literary knowledge tells us that a Bandersnatch is the name of a fictional creature featured in Lewis Carroll’s 1872 novel Through the Looking-Glass.

Could this mean we can look forward to an Alice in Wonderland-themed trip? We’ll just have to wait until December 28 to see what Black Mirror is cooking up. In the meantime, check out a screenshot of the leaked tweet below.

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