Report: Google is Developing a Video Game Service

If you happen to own a controller of some sorts, you know that Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony have dominated the video gaming world for decades now. Thanks to some foresight and relentless innovation, these companies have developed quite the strangle hold on the industry, establishing a massive uphill battle for any would-be competitor looking to dip their toes into the marketplace. According to an exciting new report out of The Information, however, the gaming landscape may be in for a big change courtesy of tech giant, Google.

Journalists at The Information recently uncovered a project codenamed “Yeti”, that’s currently in the development stages at Google headquarters. The proposed video game service will offer various playable titles and will stream them directly to a Chromecast entertainment system. This model mimics recent efforts made by both Sony and Microsoft, who launched streaming-only subscription services respectively titled PlayStation Now and Xbox Game Pass.

Initially, it was believed that these upcoming Google games will exist exclusively on the Chromecast device, but there are now a good few rumours that point to a physical Google console in the works. Before we get excited about any of this, it’s important to note that the Yeti project is still unconfirmed by Google executives, and there’s no official release on the horizon—this despite the fact that the project has been in the works for nearly two years now.

Whatever comes of Yeti, we still have plenty of excellent video games dropping this year. But before you pick up the controller and get into any of them, read all about one of Nintendo’s most beloved characters coming to the big screen.

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