The Books You Need To Read Now (Spring/Summer 2020 Edition)

Help reduce the risk of Netflix crashing during this time of mass hibernation and pick up a new read. Here are the best new books to read this season, from page-turning thrillers to non-fiction guides on whiskey, politics, and life hacks. And don’t worry, you can order these online and they’ll deliver.

The God Game
By Danny Tobey

This chilling thriller tells the story of a group of misfit teenagers who get a mysterious invitation to play a video game run by an omniscient AI that claims it is God. When the quests start to require them to ignore their own moral compass, the boundary between reality and the game begins to blur.

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Tiny Habits
By BJ Fogg, PhD

If you’ve been struggling to make some sort of life change—get better sleep, get in shape, etc.—this is the book for you. It encourages you to toss lofty and out-of-reach goals out the window and break what you want down into tiny steps and tiny habits that make reaching your resolutions easy, attainable, and enjoyable.

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By Michael Melgaard

This collection of stories delves into relevant and relatable themes like loss, missed opportunities, and the process of letting go. Read one per sitting, if you have time to kill, devour the whole collection in one afternoon binge.

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The Last High
By Daniel Kalla

Add this one to your pre-order list. Out in May, this page-turner tells the story of a doctor-detective duo that try to stop the deadly spread of fentanyl that is bringing hordes of teenagers to the emergency room.

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The First Conspiracy
By Brad Meltzer

This historical tome brings readers back to 1776 and unpacks the plot to assassinate George Washington. It involves political drama, intriguing insight into the origins of the CIA, and just enough suspense to keep you reading.

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The Definitive Guide to Canadian Distilleries
By Davin de Kergommeaux and Blair Phillips

This guide is a deep dive into the Canadian world of distilleries, covering both large and small establishments, ranging from whiskey to absinthe and everything in between.

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The Braver Thing
By Clifford Jackman

And last but not least, here is another one for your pre-order list. Set in the 18th-century, this May release is an epic pirate adventure story on the surface, but underneath, it’s a clever allegory of the complex political situation of our own times.

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