Fragrance Of The Month: American Crew, Nine Cologne

This month? We try out American Crew, Nine Cologne…

When the tagline on a cologne’s packaging says in black, capped, block letters: developed and tested to be liked by nine out of 10 women, you know you’ve got to try and buy the bottle. A bottle, which by the way, is weighty in your hand, a clear glass, square-shaped cylinder with a black ridged cap and stamped with the brand and cologne’s names, American Crew Nine.

Named Nine, out of tribute to the nine out of 10 women who gave the scent two thumbs up, naturally. And well liked for being as sheer as it is aromatic; it’s fresh notes blending into an undertone of wood mixed with soft spice and a hint of flowers.

On first spritz the eau is juicy and tart courtesy of its notes of apple and bergamot before it eases into an elixir of smooth lavender with a sprinkling of black pepper. Then, as the fragrance warms up on your skin, heady notes of jasmine flower with coriander and clove spices come forward, wrapped in a misting of intimate cistus labdanum. Later, woodsy cedar and sandalwood mixed into glowing amber, filmy musk and dark patchouli rise to the surface grounding the eau in its multiple layers to create a more fulsome bodied scent. The overall effect of is light, inviting and sensual.

And with it’s clearly stated guarantee, the cologne is definitively the obvious choice for any man.

American Crew Nine is $33 for 75 ml, available online at

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