The Real Karate Kid: Johnny’s The Hero And Daniel’s The Villain

Turns out Barney Stinson had it right all along.

“When I watch The Karate Kid, I root for The Karate Kid, Johnny Lawrence from the Cobra Kai dojo. Get your head out of your ass, Lily.”

Laugh all you want, but now, several years after Barney schooled his friends with the truth about the iconic ‘80s movie – a truth they laughed at, I might add – a video has surfaced that shows beyond a shadow of a doubt (okay, maybe not) that “The Barnacle” was right – that blonde California senior and defending All Valley Karate Championships champion Johnny Lawrence was the flawed hero and it was that no-good, new-in-town punk Daniel LaRusso and his “demon sorcerer” friend and mentor Mr. Miyagi that is the constant instigator.

See for yourself:

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