‘Tonight Show’ Prank Gets Couple To Sing Gas Station Karaoke

Will and Monifa Sims sing impromptu karaoke on The Tonight Show (Screencap: YouTube)

What would you do for a free tank of gas?

For Will and Monifa Sims, it’s singing karaoke in the middle of a gas station for “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”

The Sim’s impromptu performance was a part of Leno’s prank series Pumpcast News. Never seen it? Well, the concept is simple. Actor Tim Stack plays a fictional news anchor who surprises and speaks directly to people filling up at the gas station.

On a good day, the faux-anchor interviews customers, gathers hilarious responses and gets them to do some fun stunts. But late night TV struck gold when they came across a couple of closet-superstars.

In the hilarious clip, Stack convinces Will to sing Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer” for a chance to leave with a free tank of gas (why not, right?). He sings without hesitation, while you hear our fictional news anchor in the background saying, “Get this guy on The Voice!” Yup, he was that good.

Next Monifa, who’s dying of laughter in the passenger seat, is convinced to give a performance of her own. She sings a rendition of the Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams” with dance moves and all (“dance break!”). Will joins in on the performance making it a fun filled duet.

So far the original heat-warming clip has been watched over 7,000,000 times on YouTube:


The Karaoke couple’s total lack of embarrassment not only scored them a free tank of gas, Leno was so impressed he invited them on Friday night’s show for an encore performance with the Tonight Show Band.

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