Manly Drink Du Jour: Goose Island Vintage Ales Flock to Canada

Goose Island ales (Sofie and Matilda) are now available at the LCBO (Photo credit: Goose Island)
Goose Island ales (Sofie and Matilda) are now available at the LCBO (Photo credit: Goose Island)

By way of Chicago, a pair of tasty brews – the off spring of the microbrewery Goose Island – has come to Canada for the first time. Both of these vintage ales are now available at the LCBO for $9.99 for a 765 mL bottle.

Meet Sofie, a sexy Belgian-style farmhouse ale, who seduces beer drinkers with her Amarillo hops and citrus notes, courtesy of an aging process that sees the ale fermented with wild yeasts in wine barrels with fresh orange peel. She’s a champagne-hued beauty that shows offs her white pepper note, citrus flavours and creamy vanilla finish. Introduce Sofie to grilled fish, lobster, shrimp, or shuck oysters.

Say hi to Matilda, Sofie’s wild spirited, pale ale sibling who has a slightly fruity aroma and a spicy finish. Matilda can’t commit to any of type of hops; instead, combines three different varieties, for richer flavour. Her vivacious spicy nature marries well with grilled pork chops, roasted chicken and creamy, earthy cheeses like Camembert.

Chances are, you’ll want to keep these gals – Sofie and Matilda – at your side for a long time to come. They are the most delicious beers to migrate to Canada from in a long while. Welcome!

Michele Sponagle

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