Cartagena: The Party Capital

A Spanish colonial house in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia's Caribbean Zone. (Photo credit: Toniflap/Shutterstock)

Hop aboard the legendary Colombian “Chiva” party bus and party the night away with a whole bunch of strangers. Board the bus at Capilla del Mar Hotel in Cartagena, Colombia and let the party begin as you slowly make your way through the literally thousands of tropical rum cocktails, Arepa du Huevos and Carimanolas… and best of all, the bar is FREE all night! Travel along the Caribbean coast stopping at the odd beach here and there for a bit of skinny dipping with your new friends until you arrive at one of the many Cartagena night clubs for a whole load more drinking, party games and beautiful chicas.

After the last guest boards the legendary Cartagena party bus the bus comes alive; the disco lights flash red, green and yellow; the music blares from the surround sound speakers; and the director of the tour turns on his microphone and reads out the endless list of destinations to party the night away. At every stop,  including Laguito, Centro, Manga and Castillo Grande at least three party buses arrive and the barbeque is lit with enough beef and chicken to go around. We must not forget the music, dancing and of course endless amounts of alcoholic beverages.

When the brightly coloured party bus sounds its’ horn the guests have to quickly pack up their things, quickly hop back onto the bus to begin the ride to the next destination. The endless amount of local cocktails and rum shakers ensures that each and every guest on these unforgettable party tours… well by the end of the night forgets what happened on the party tour. With so many new friends on the bus there is absolutely no reason to not make a whole load of new friends, or maybe even something more than just friends?

For a flat fee of between $15 and $30 you can have four hours of endless fun, and you don’t even have to book, if you are walking down the street, or coming out of a club looking for something else to do, just put out your hand and signal to the driver. The other guests will make everyone feel right at home, like a member of the gang, and there will be loads of stories to tell.

The last stop, La Escollera is a famous disco nightclub where the locals can be found mingling with the ‘gringos’ from Europe. Admission is free and the hundreds of cocktail recipes are all free, just be prepared to wait in the endless queues as there are only a small number of bar staff members for hundreds of party goers. Party the night away, meet new friends, have as much free food and alcohol as you desire and make numerous long lasting friendships. Can you handle it?

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