Watch A Disney World Tourist Challenge Gaston To A Push-Up Contest

Above: Guy challenges Disney World's Gaston to a push-up contest

A hilarious video is making waves across the internet featuring a cocky guest at Walt Disney World in Florida challenging Beauty and the Beast villain Gaston to a push-up contest.

“If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if you challenged Gaston to a push-up contest,” wrote Blake Platt in the description of the YouTube video showing him challenging Gaston at a character meet and greet at Disney World. Of course, Disney World’s most manly man does not suffer fools lightly.

“We were just having fun and I thought a person or two might get a chuckle out of it,” Platt added after the video went viral. “When my brother and I go to the Disney parks (which we love), one of our goals every time we enter is to make someone’s day, even if it’s just one person.”

 Need a little more Gaston? Then check out the egocentric Disney villain taking a verbal smack-down from a little girl visiting Disney World back in November.

“No one fights like Gaston. Douses lights like Gaston.”

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