Watch the Hilarious Trailer for ‘Tour De Pharmacy’

Above: Andy Samberg stars in the sports mockumentary

The Lonely Island is back at it again. After teaming up with HBO Sports to deliver the very silly tennis comedy, 7 Days in Hell, the iconic sketch team is continuing their mockumentary streak this summer with a brand new feature. Entitled, Tour De Pharmacy, the original production will lampoon an epic bike race set in 1980s Europe, and will feature a myriad of heavy hitters including Orlando Bloom, John Cena, Maya Rudolph, Will Forte, Jeff Goldblum and many more.

The story will spoof the intense corruption and doping scandals surrounding the cycling sport and will include a surprising appearance by disgraced former champion, Lance Armstrong. If the whole thing sounds completely wild, it’s because it definitely is. Thankfully, while we process all of that information, HBO has blessed us with a newly released trailer for the project, which is set to release July 8.

As previously mentioned, this is the second foray into sports mockumentaries for The Lonely Island, but the trio of longtime friends have plenty of experience in the world of comedy. Not only did the group grind it out online for many years, but they also honed their craft on Saturday Night Live, and followed that up with a handful of cult comedy hits like Hot Rod, MacGruber, and most recently the criminally underrated music adventure Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping.

Meanwhile, Tour De Pharmacy looks to be another successful outing for the group, and judging by the trailer, it will be chock-full of nonstop laughs. The trailer promises a plethora of parody interviews and vintage-looking archival footage. You can check out the hilarious teaser below via YouTube.

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