The Best Car Features You Need For Summer

Above: Here are a few of the car features you shouldn’t go without this summer
The Best Car Features You Need For Summer

Summer is quickly approaching, and what does that mean? Plenty of road trips, weekends out of town and enjoying the great weather from behind the wheel of your car. No matter where you’re off to, it’s important to know you can count on your ride to get you there in one piece—and keep you comfortable along the way.

The 2017 Mitsubishi Mirage and all-new Mirage G4 Sedan are perfect for the impromptu summer road trip, not just because of their fuel-efficiency and reliability, but also for their list of summer-ready upgrades. Your car is like your home away from home, so why not make sure you have all the technology you need to ride in comfort—and style? Here are a few of the best new car features you shouldn’t go without this summer:

Plenty of space

A road trip is just as much about the time you spend getting to your destination as it is about the destination itself—that’s why you need a car that’s comfortable. From plenty of legroom in the driver’s seat—including an adjustable steering wheel to accommodate the height of any driver—to lots of storage space for all your luggage, space is one of the most important things a car can have to offer.

Built to fit your lifestyle as well as your budget, the 2017 Mitsubishi Mirage G4 has all the space you need on the inside while remaining compact on the outside. The longer you’re on the road, the more you need a quality interior made with higher grade materials including firmer padding for support—believe me, after a long drive, your joints will thank you.

Climate control

Sometimes having the windows down isn’t enough on those humid mid-August days. That’s why a quality air conditioning system is an absolute must-have this summer. Look for a car with available automatic climate control so you’re free to focus on the road ahead of you instead of fiddling around with the settings on your dashboard. Going to the drive-in or heading to the lake for an evening swim? Heated seats are always a welcome addition on those chillier than expected summer nights.

Touchscreen technology

Cars these days come available with a number of apps, Bluetooth capabilities and even rearview cameras—all of which can be easily navigated using a touchscreen control pad. No summer road trip is complete without the right playlist. No matter where your musical tastes fall, with the available smartphone link display audio system, you’ll be able to find a radio station that you can sing along to. Apple CarPlay ™ and Android Auto ™ don’t hurt either. Hook up your Smartphone and have a selection of music, podcasts and audiobooks at your fingertips for the duration of your drive. You might even arrive at your destination and not want to get out of your car.

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