#Love Was Instagram’s Top Hashtag Of 2015

Above: #Love was Instagram’s top hashtag in 2015

If you’re in need of some uplifting news, here it is: Instagram has announced that #Love was the social network’s most-used hashtag of 2015. #Love has now been the top hashtag for three years running.

The announcement came Wednesday evening, just hours after the largest mass-shooting in the United States in three years.

Love apparently reigned supreme this year… Kendall Jenner’s heart-shaped hair art picture, which was posted on her account in May, was Instagram’s most-liked photo of the year. The ‘gram has earned more than 3.2 million likes in the six months since it was first shared.

Kendall Jenner's heart-shaped hair art picture was Instagram’s most-liked photo of the year.

“The act of double-tapping or loving each other’s images and videos has become an important interaction between people,” David Schwen, of @dschwen and #interactivegrams fame, said in a statement on Instagram’s blog. “There are people across the world that I have never met in person, yet I’m able to send an affirmation of love by double-tapping their photo.”

Though Twitter has not yet announced its year-end statistics, one of the most viral hashtags on that network was #LoveWins, which was tweeted 6.2 million times following the Supreme Court’s historic ruling on same-sex marriage ruling on June 26.

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