Samsung Reveals Why the Galaxy Note 7 Was Exploding

Above: The device was discontinued last year

Last year, Samsung discontinued the Galaxy Note 7 after multiple reports of safety issues. The device was found to be exploding due to an alleged battery overheat, which sadly led to serious accidents and even a ban in airports. In response, the tech giant committed to a massive recall, which then became a cease in production. It was a disastrous flub made by the company, and one that set them back millions of dollars. After taking a hit, the makers of the Note 7 were determined to investigate the root of the issue, and to make sure any future iterations would be unaffected by similar problems.

It’s no secret that Samsung is preparing for a rebound, and word is the Galaxy 8 will launch soon. In the meantime, and after months of research, the brand has revealed the exact cause of the Galaxy 7’s explosions. Just as assumed, it seems to stem from the phone’s battery. However, there is another part to the puzzle, and it involves circuiting and insulation. According to the company’s press release, the build was susceptible to short circuiting, which caused the batteries to overheat immensely. In regards to the replacement versions, there was an unfortunate welding mistake. To get a full look at the reasoning behind the matter, you can take a look at an official Samsung infographic.


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