Watch The New Trailer For Season 2 Of ‘Narcos’

Above: Wagner Moura plays notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar

Last year, a whole bunch of us became pretty obsessed with the Netflix original, Narcos. The show grabbed our attention through its gritty retelling of the infamous Medellín Cartel, and made it dangerously easy for us to spend multiple hours on the couch. Narcos featured excellent turns from Pedro Pascal, Boyd Holbrook, and Wagner Moura as drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar. The latter, of course, came to a seemingly inescapable fate by the final episode. Now the drama is gearing up for its second season, and judging by the trailer, it doesn’t appear to be skimping out on the action. By taking a peek at the newly released footage, it appears as though Escobar will continue to be just as prominent in this upcoming season.

If anyone is familiar with the real events behind the story, it looks like season two of Narcos will focus on Pablo Escobar’s brutal spree of vengeance. After fleeing his prison cell, the drug lord faced off against both new and old enemies, including the DEA. You can watch the trailer for Narcos below. Don’t blame us if you find yourself too enthralled. The new season launches September 2nd.

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