Watch Rapper Murs Set Guinness Record for Longest Rap Session

Above: The 38-year-old is broadcasting his attempt on YouTube

L.A.-based rapper, Murs, is attempting to set the world record for the longest recorded rap session. The underground hero is livestreaming it all on YouTube, tearing through classic instrumentals, all while adding his own unique flair along the way. The 26-hour event is only interrupted for bathroom breaks, and will conclude later this evening.

Speaking on his inspiration for the session, Murs declared his previous love and experience with video game marathons. In a Rolling Stone interview, Murs clarified even further. “I expect it to be fun above all. I’m sure it’ll be challenging. But the being awake part I’ve done”.

Along with classic cuts, Murs will incorporate his own tracks, and so far, has maintained a level of energy that’s been pretty superhuman for the hours being clocked. The whole event is part of Boost Mobile’s latest viral campaign, and you can follow along with the activity using the hashtag #BarsForDays. As Pitchfork has noted, there is no current record for the feat. There is, however, a required duration of 24 hours at least, to set the record officially. You can watch the remainder of it unfold below, via YouTube.

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