Donald Trump Gets Fact Checked, ‘Arrested Development’ Style

Above: Watch Ron Howard fact-check Donald Trump in true 'Arrested Development' style
Above: Watch Ron Howard fact-check Donald Trump in true 'Arrested Development' style

A new video from YouTube user NeverCaesar, titled “Trump-rested Development” takes aim at the current presidential election with a little help from cult classic TV show Arrested Development’s omniscient narrator, Ron Howard.

The hilarious video fact-checks some of the outrageous claims made by Donald Trump at the first presidential debate between the Republican nominee and Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, but in true Arrested Development style NeverCaesar edited in Howard’s clam voice to let the audience know what’s really going on.

“I was the one that got him [President Obama] to produce the birth certificate and I think I did a good job,” Trump says.

“But he really didn’t,” Howard’s deadpan voiceover cuts in.

Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz even gave his approval and tweeted out the video as a sneak preview of the highly anticipated fifth season of his ultra-dysfunctional family comedy.

As for the real season 5 of Arrested Development? It’s expected to hit Netflix sometime next year. Fingers crossed.

Christopher Turner

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