Watch the Star-Studded Trailer for Zombie Flick ‘The Dead Don’t Die’

Above: Ronnie Peterson (Adam Driver) and Cliff Robertson (Bill Murray) spot trouble in 'Dead Don't Die'

Well, it looks like Hollywood isn’t tired of the zombie trend quite yet. That’s right, just when you thought audiences were facing living dead exhaustion, another big budget flick rears its head. And since we’re talking about zombies over here, I suppose we should say rears its ugly head.

This time, it’s an upcoming black comedy from the creative mind of Jim Jarmusch who has crafted notable cult classics like Stranger Than Paradise, Broken Flowers, and Coffee and Cigarettes. But rather than explore the human psyche with stylish and artistic visuals, Jarmusch has decided to showcase human, ahem, brains ready for the plucking in The Dead Don’t Die.

The new adventure tells the story of a sleepy little town who must deal with an oncoming wave of undead monsters. Thankfully, it seems like the entire thing is poised to be a bit campy, with plenty of witty banter and lighthearted performances by industry veterans. And speaking of those actors, The Dead Don’t Die is packed with serious star power. Alongside Adam Driver and Bill Murray in leading roles, fans can expect appearances by greats like Steve Buscemi, Tilda Swinton, Tom Waits, and Selena Gomez.

You can watch the full Red Band trailer below via YouTube. The Dead Don’t Die hits theatres on June 14.

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