Watch This Hilarious ‘Instagram Husbands’ Video

A hilarious new video created by The Mystery Hour, features a few brave men who are stuck taking pictures for their wives’ Instagram accounts.

“Behind every cute girl on Instagram is a guy like me, and a brick wall,” one frustrated husband explains to the camera.

Some of the Instagram husbands in the spoof video claim to be thrilled about their duties—which include snapping non-stop pictures, helping choreograph the perfect shots, and commenting on every upload. But others are starting to get sick of being human selfie sticks.

“My job is to make her look good,” one of them says.

“Last year for Christmas I actually got her a selfie stick and then she got mad at me because she thought I was just trying to get out of taking photos,” another says. “Of course I’m trying to get out of taking your f—ing photo.”

Check out the Instagram Husbands video below, and get ready for a laugh:

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