The Perfect Gifts For The Chefs In Your Life

Above: 5 gifts for the foodie in your life

As the farm-to-table trend continues, more and more people are discovering the joys of cooking at home – for themselves or for their guests. This holiday season surprise them with these great gifts to help them step up their game in the kitchen.

1. Phillips Pasta Maker
There is no better way to impress guests than homemade fresh pasta. And no one needs to know that you didn’t really make it by hand. With the Phillips Pasta Maker you can have fresh homemade pasta in a matter of minutes – 15 minutes or less. The Philips Pasta Maker does it all, just add your ingredients; the machine takes care of the mixing and kneading, then automatically senses when to begin extrusion. Brilliant.

2. All Clad Copper Sauce Pan 3Qt
Nothing shows off your cooking prowess (or can disguise your lack thereof) than a beautiful set of copper pots. Copper pots have been a favourite of chefs for years due to the fact that nothing ensures even cooking better than cooper. Before you jump into a full set, start with the classic 3-quart saucepan – the most versatile of cooking vessels. This copper saucepan features a copper exterior and stainless steel interior.

3. Victorinox Rosewood Steak Knives
Few things are more annoying than bad steak knives. You have managed to cook the perfect steak at home (a feat unto itself) but you can’t enjoy the pleasure due to the poor quality of your steak knives. It is time to invest. This rosewood set is high on style and function; featuring a 5 1/4” serrated blade and beautiful yet manly rosewood handles.

4. Sansaire Searing Kit
You’ve taken care to cook your meat perfectly on the inside, but it wouldn’t be complete without a golden-brown crust. This ultra-high temperature blowtorch will sear your food quickly, creating the most delicious flavours that come from fire roasting without jeopardizing the perfect interior doneness.

5. True North Cookbook
What exactly is Canadian cooking? Great question and Chef Derek Dammann answers it with his new cookbook Truth North.  Chef Damman is the creative genius behind DNA and Maison Publique restaurants in Montreal; Derek has grown steadily in stature and influence in Canadian cuisine. True North takes you on a journey across all regions of the country and showcases their specialties with an inventiveness that only Dammann could bring. Each chapter starts off with easy, humble yet delicious dishes and proceeds to get more sophisticated (read as difficult) as the chapter continues. Great for any home chef that seems to have every cookbook already – they don’t have this one.

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