Watch the Trailer for Martin Scorsese’s New Movie ‘Silence’

Above: Liam Neeson is Cristóvão Ferreira

Legendary director, Martin Scorsese, has a pretty solid track record. The 74-year-old has gifted audiences with classic films like Goodfellas, The Departed, and most recently, The Wolf of Wall Street. While some of the industry’s biggest names threaten to retire, Scorsese keeps doing what he does best, and composes Hollywood blockbusters. It’s been a few years since his last effort, but judging on the recent unveiling of a new trailer, fans have every reason to be excited.

Dubbed, Silence, Scorsese has adapted the acclaimed 1966 novel of the same name. The story follows two priests that search for their lost mentor, who disappeared during a missionary quest in East Asia. It looks to be pretty damn intense, and stars Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver as the two Portuguese men of cloth. Meanwhile, Liam Neeson joins the fold as the lost elder Christian. The story is based on the life of Cristóvão Ferreira, who committed apostasy after being captured in the Pacific.

 Silence has been a noted passion project of Scorsese’s, and the film has been discussed since 1990. The closest it had ever been to production, was in 2009, when Daniel Day Lewis was attached to star. It then fell through another rough patch, as the director focused his sights on the animated adventure, Hugo. In 2013, the ball really got rolling, with Garfield signing up, and location scouting beginning in Taipei. Now, we’re finally getting to see the fruits of many years of labour.

The film will make its grand debut on December 23, where it will compete with another blockbuster, Star Wars: Rogue One. Despite the stiff competition, it is a Scorsese film after all, and many expect it to be in the Oscar discussion for next year. You can check out the trailer for Silence below, via YouTube.

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