Adidas Introduces the Tubular Shadow

Above: The new shoe has been revealed in two colourways

If you’re feeling a little frugal, but love the Yeezy silhouette, Adidas now has the shoe for you. Dubbed the Tubular Shadow, the new sneaker is yet another edition to the Tubular collection, which recently received a handful of Invader high tops. The Shadow was previously teased this past summer, when rough pictures found their way onto the internet, and began to make the rounds on multiple sneakerhead websites. After a few months of uncertainty, the company has now officially announced the Shadow, by linking up with Afew to debut the initial stock of colourways.

In a translated German release, the Shadow is said to “connect the streets to the catwalk”, and “challenges the future”. The slick sneaker comes with a debut drop of nine colourways, including variations of white, black, and grey, with a bolder blue and brown knit available as well. Take a look at the some of the high-res teases below, via the Afew store.

While there has yet to be an announcement regarding the Shadow’s North American release, we’ve adjusted the prices to get a sense of what we’ll have to shell out. Expect to pay a range of $142-$171 Canadian, when copping the new shoe.

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