There’s a Massive Supreme Auction Happening This Month

Hypebeasts mark your calendars accordingly. Later this month, some of the rarest pieces of Supreme clothing and merchandise will be available to cop to the highest bidder. The incredible opportunity comes via French auction house, Artcurial, which has operated since 2001 and has headquarters at the historic Hôtel Marcel Dassault in the heart of Paris.

For this particular showcase, Artcurial is remaining true to the streetwear sensibility of Supreme and has dubbed the series, “Cash Rules Everything Around Me” or C.R.E.A.M. — this is of course an ode to legendary New York hip-hop collective, Wu-Tang Clan. To keep with the theme, Artcurial says that the auction will explore and celebrate the American city’s strong urban culture through the Supreme POV.

In an interview with Business of Fashion, Artcurial vice chairman, Fabien Naudan, says that the event is so much more than a simple auction. “The idea of the auction is to paint a landscape of three decades starting in the late 1980s,” begins Naudan. “The first decade was when street artists, skateboarders and DJ’s were experimenting [with art] without the idea of doing it for money, the next decade was when it became a business and the third one was the final step when it turned into a cash-out decade.”

As for the lineup of pieces being sold, you can expect roughly 150 Supreme items from classic box logo tees to the coveted Supreme x Louis Vuitton collection. Of course, there will be other wild additions, including branded motorcycle helmets, basketballs, and even nunchucks. For an extensive list of things up for grabs, check out Artcurial’s website here. Start saving, however, as the auction will go live right on May 16.

Aidan D'Aoust

Aidan is a writer from Toronto. His favourite things in the world are music, movies, and mini dachshunds. Give him a follow on Twitter at @aidandaoust, where he’ll also accept your mixtape submissions.

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