Single Guy’s Valentine’s Day Survival Guide

Single on Valentine's Day? It doesn't have to be depressing...

You don’t consider yourself sentimental, but as much as you hate that it affects you, you hate beign single on Valentine’s Day. All of your coupled off and married pals have plans, and it just reminds you how you don’t have someone to call your boo. So what’s a bachelor to do?

Hit a bar.

Ring up your single pals and hit a bar where there’s a good social scene. Chances are good there are other singletons doing the same because they didn’t want to stay at home alone eating a bowl of cereal for dinner either, so you never know–maybe you’ll meet a cutie who’ll be your Valentine. In any  case, it’s better than twiddling your thumbs solo, right?

Have the guys over for poker. Or to watch sports or a gaming night

Some beer, order in some food and none of you will have a second thought about being a bachelor on this lovey-dovey holiday, but instead enjoy the very things you love about being a single guy.

Join an online dating site

Chances are more than a couple of lovelorn girls will be joining and searching through profiles on February 14 given they’re bombarded all day with messages of love and coupledom. So you might have some luck in finding the girl of your dreams by signing up as well and having a go at the online thing.

Throw a party for all of your single friends

Why should only your paired off friends have fun on the 14th? Invite all of the singletons in your life and encourage them to bring their single friends for a casual bash at your place. And who knows, there might even be a spark of romance or two that night.

Watch a movie or two

The Oscars are soon, so why not head to the theatre to watch one of the nominated flicks you haven’t seen yet? Or pop in an action flick (the kind most women usually avoid) and watch it in your boxers with some beer and wings for dinner — you know, the kind of thing you probably won’t be able to do once you do find a girlfriend.

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