Sunglasses For The Snowy Season

Above, clockwise: Trendy sunglasses for 2014 from Ray-Ban, Nike, Topman and Aldo

Weather and fashion are recognized for having a tumultuous relationship. With reason, they are exceptionally volatile, harsh and unforgiving at times. This is especially true in the winter; the liberty to hone one’s style is threatened by frigid temperatures and slippery streets—bye-bye boat shoes. Despite friction, fashion enthusiasts continue to research and develop ways to maintain style on those wintry days. One of the most effortless methods: sunglasses. Sunglasses simultaneously afford protection from the elements while offering a dapper polish. The only thing is you’ll need to pick the right pair of shades.

Transparent frames
Above: Ray-Ban Sunglasses – Holt Renfrew, $200

Transparent frames humbly communicate style. No need to add hardware or a heavy shape, with the mere removal of a hue one is left with a sartorial statement. Complement the frames neutrality with a bright hat or scarf.

Above: Nike Vintage 92 Evo – Hudson’s Bay, $118

If you’ve taken a look at the Spring 2014 runway you’ll quickly realize athleticism is a flourishing trend. This includes sharps silhouettes, energetic hues and sporty fabrics. When attempting to implement any trend, an accessory is an excellent tool. This season, execute runway lessons with your sunglasses.

Above: Jeepers Peepers – Topman, $16

Tortoise pattern continues to convey a presence of luxe. When employed on these Topman frames, it’s difficult not to envision the wearer as a jet-setting mogul. Whether you can afford the lifestyle or not, you will not break the budget for this look. Snowy days are asking for a little indulgence.

Mirrored lens
Above: Oswuff – Aldo, $12

The mirrored lens is back. There are two core reasons why the look has emerged: firstly, its sporty, ski-inspired influence is on trend, and secondly, the sharp juxtaposition of excessive colours (in the lenses) and stark, colourless snow. With its playful nature, it seamlessly pairs with laissez-faire outfits. Team with a bright bomber jacket and dark denim for aesthetic peace.

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