Five Minimalist Costumes for Halloween

Above: The Bedsheet Ghost

I get it. You want to participate in the Halloween parade (who doesn’t) but can’t be bothered to try too hard on a costume. Or you don’t want to spend the money. Also fair. Here’s five classic costumes — sure to please and hilarious in their ease— that you can still get together before the Devil’s Night.

Cat: So great. So fun. And it doesn’t even have to be slutty. Just throw on some ears and a few mascara whiskers, a tail if you really wanna try. It works best if you don’t even bother to switch out of your jeans, ‘cuz cats just don’t care.

Groucho Marx: All it takes is the nose-glasses to shoot you straight into the comedy hall of fame. If you want something a little different, wear a trench-coat too and be an other worldly being in human disguise.

Ghost: Bedsheet. Done!

Huckleberry Finn: Dirty overalls. Done!

Lamp: This is the real “the-party’s-in-ten-minutes-and-I-don’t-have-a-costume-so-I’m-just-gonna borrow-this-lampshade-thanks” move, but it still has charm. People may just think you’re drunk, though.





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