Harry Rosen Teams Up With Swims For Summer

Swims exclusive colour collaboration with Harry Rosen for spring/summer 2013
Swims exclusive colour collaboration with Harry Rosen for spring/summer 2013

Need shoes that do more than just look good? Men’s retailer Harry Rosen is teaming up with the Norwegian lifestyle company Swims for an exclusive Canadian line of loafers for spring/summer 2013.

The collaboration will bring two new loafers to the Swims line- a lace loafer in burgundy and the penny loafer in hunter green.

“These styles embody timelessness and confidence which subscribe perfectly to the Harry Rosen persona. We believe these exclusive styles will rapidly become sought-after collectibles for the style savvy consumer,” says Swims CEO, Alex Eskeland.

Now don’t be fooled, these aren’t your regular leather or suede loafers. Swims loafers are best known for being incredibly versatile, light weight and water resistant (so if they get dirty, just throw them into the washing machine!). They are made with adaptable and breathable nylon with an anti-slip rubber sole. And the best part is, it’s stylish footwear that you can wear anywhere. At the office, to dinner and of course, on those hot summer days on the beach.

The exclusive Canadian colour collaboration between Swims and Harry Rosen are available at any of Harry Rosen’s 15 locations in Canada.







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