Fragrance Of The Month: Manscaped Persevere Cologne EDT

This month? We try out Manscaped Persevere Cologne Eau de toilette (EDT)

We know how hard you work, push forward, carry on and yes, even persevere. Particularly when you’ve added a spritz of Manscaped’s Persevere Cologne EDT to your daily routine. And why not?

Mix-mastered by the brand that understands who men are, what they want and truly need, this cologne should be your go-to in every moment of life. With their claim to being the best in men’s grooming, along with a plethora of face and body shaving tools to substantiate this message, it only makes sense that Manscaped knows your scented preferences too.

Woodsy and masculine, the eau is a unique blend of aromatic lavender, fresh bergamot and spicy cumin. Its infusion of warm cedarwood and intimate moss round out the scent, giving it a crisp and clean feel. The overall effect is earthy and spring-like, outdoorsy and sensual, and light and refreshing. It’s also good for both you and the environment. Vegan, the fragrance is cruelty-free and with nary a dye or paraben, making it safe for all day, everyday use.

Packaged in a square, navy-blue glass bottle, embellished with gold and white writing Persevere has a classic appeal, complete with a square blue topper. The epitome of masculinity, this scent is the perfect juxtaposition of a bold statement with a subtle, albeit lasting, impression.

Manscaped Persevere Cologne EDT, from $49.99 for 50 ml, available online at

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