The Right Type

Which girl is right for you?
Which girl is right for you?

Men, no matter our promiscuity can still be heard debating whether a girl is one’s type or not: the type to bed, the type to wed and every type in-between. Each a personality fitting for a mood; each a personal choice made by a man in need. And yet these personal choices are influenced by social factors.

Family, friends and culture collaborate to make an internal impact, to bring the individual will in line with the collective conscious. This is how those aforementioned “types” are formed. Scores of distinct dames are sectioned off as the years go by into one type or another. Hundreds of them abound: pretty girls, silly girls and the girls of dreams. What follows are some types of girls worth waiting for:

The School Girl

The adult version doesn’t wear a buttoned blouse and tartan wool around her waist… not unless it’s your birthday. She’s more the studious type, a book worm with glasses. She’s educated… she knows things, including what she wants. So if you’re not it there’s little you can do. However if she calculates that you are her best bet, than count your blessings and look forward to unpinning her skirt.

The Girl Scout

She’s not only earned all her merit badges, she sewed them to her sash herself. She cooks, she cleans, and she wants to raise your children, (everything a man could ask for). Typically she’s taken. After all you don’t think the troop leader is getting drafted last, do you? Don’t… think you can find another as easily as you did this one.

Super Girl

You think she’s super; she thinks she’s super; she wears Superman t-shirts… and reads the comics. She’s an oddity, and charmingly so. She stands out, and that’s what won your attention, your affection, and every so often you let her know she has your adoration as well. Such a cosmic anomaly can turn the most unlikely men into the most extraordinary kind.

The Bad Girl

Your mother doesn’t like her, and she’s got her reasons as to why. You know them, they frustrate you as well, but you’re not your mother, and this bad girl is good at other things… well not just “those” things! She’s got actual talents that others fail to see. All in all she’s good where it counts and bad because she has to be.

Now it must be said that no woman is pleasantly archetypal all of the time. Sometimes a woman may be the bitter type, the jealous type, or the type to lose control. Somehow you’re going to have to live with that, because if you’re the marrying type there are concessions to be made.

Learn to be the patient type, the forgiving type, and the type to find the good whilst being berated by the bad. If you’re looking for one of these females of folklore you must ensure that you’re a prince. Take that glass slipper with you wherever you go until you find the type it fits. And when it’s firmly on her foot know her type is yours.

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