‘Westworld’ Season 2 Trailer Shows the Park in Shambles

Above: Evan Rachel Wood returns as Dolores Abernathy

For many film and television aficionados, yesterday’s Superbowl action was incredibly exciting for some very different reasons. Sure, the Philadelphia Eagles squashed the New England Patriots in dramatic fashion, and sure, Justin Timberlake rocked the stage at halftime. But for us A/V geeks, the most anticipated moment of the night came during commercial breaks.

That’s right, along with a slew of big budget advertisements, our screens were also bombarded with trailers for some of this year’s biggest shows and movies including Solo: A Star Wars Story, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and HBO’s western epic, Westworld.

The latter teaser was arguably the most intriguing, given the sheer scale and total secrecy of this upcoming season. Sunday’s clip was our first extended look at the new batch of episodes, and boy do they look amazing. If you haven’t seen Westworld’s first season—c’mon now, go do that immediately—be aware of serious spoilers ahead.

Judging from the trailer, it looks like Westworld’s next chapter will focus on the immediate aftermath of its previous finale. That likely means androids are about to wreak havoc on their human overlords, leaving the fate of the park itself completely up in the air. No matter what goes down, we still have a few months before it premieres on the small screen. Westworld season 2 will drop on April 22. You can watch the full teaser below via YouTube.

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