Wheel Of Fortune Player Wins $45,000 On A Lucky First Guess

Above: 'Wheel of Fortune' contestant makes 'luckiest guess of a lifetime'

Emil De Leon shocked everyone, the Wheel of Fortune host included, when he blurted out the words “new baby buggy” and won $45,000. It all seemed too unbelievable, since the puzzle seemed unsolvable to viewers. But Emil, somehow, blurted out the correct answer and lost himself in hysterics. It’s a shot from the heavens, one of those rare moments when the stars align perfectly and absolute insanity occurs.

Amid speculation that the show was rigged and Emil had some sort of magic trick up his sleeve, he went on to say how he’s a nursing student, and was studying Pediatrics at the time the show was filmed, so babies wandering into his stream of conscious thinking wasn’t a complete fluke. Emil also said that he’s watched Wheel of Fortune his whole life and is a wizard at solving problems. But I think we can all agree, this didn’t require any strategic logic or wizard esque problem solving skills, it was pure one-in-a-million type luck. And you can’t help but be amazed by that.

You can watch the full video and catch Emil De Leon’s wild, winning guess below.

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