Help Your Dad Stock His Bar For Father’s Day

Above (L-R): Grey Goose VX, Bacardi Gran Reserva Ocho, Royal Brackla 12 and Aultmore 12
Help Your Dad Stock His Bar For Father’s Day

Dads are notoriously hard to buy for, mostly because they already have everything they need, and if there is something they want, they’ll go out and buy it themselves. But if your dad enjoys a drink every so often— or just likes having a decent selection for guests— then a bottle of premium alcohol might be the perfect Father’s Day gift. At the very least, you’ll be able to introduce him to something new and give him a break from his usual Budweiser or rye and Coke.

Grey Goose VX – $100
Grey Goose VX can be enjoyed either straight or as part of a cocktail, depending on your preference. With a hint of precious cognac, and hints of white fruit blossom, plum, apricot, light citrus and wild honey, it’s unlike any other vodka out there. Sip it on the deck on a hot summer’s day or whip up a vodka soda with lime and show your dad that vodka can be a lot more sophisticated than the vodka cranberries he used to drink before he acquired the taste of beer.

Royal Brackla 12 – $99.95
Straight from the Highland region of Scotland, a dram of the Royal Brackla single malt will be sure to impress any whiskey lover. It’s described as a light grassy whisky with a sherry sweetness that has a distinctive and elegant finish. Even if your dad has always been one to mix his whiskey with Coke or gingerale, this single malt would be a great introduction to sipping whisky straight.

Aultmore 12 – $79.95
Aultmore, a single malt whiskey hailing from Scotland’s Speyside region, is aged 12 years before it is bottled and sold. It’s a lighter, fruity whisky and is one of Dewar’s Last Great Malts of Scotland, aka a must-try for whisky connoisseurs and whisky newbies alike. When it comes to single malts you can’t really go wrong thanks to its decades long reputation. Your dad will love sharing a dram with guests and talking about his new-found interest in whisky. Next thing you know he’ll be planning a trip to Scotland to do his own whisky tour.

Tequila Tromba Anejo – $69.95
Tequila is one of those divisive liquors— you either love it or you hate it. But it’s also pretty versatile and can be sipped on the rocks, taken as a shot, or used in cocktails like a margarita or a tequila sunrise. Anejo tequila is aged for at least one year in small oak barrels, and Tromba is aged for over 20 months. It has a rich, sweet flavour with notes of chocolate, caramelized anise, apple and peach making it perfect for sipping. Tromba also has a less expensive Reposado and Blanco if you think your Dad might want something a little lighter.

Bacardi Gran Reserva Ocho – $31.95
For all the rum drinking dads out there, Bacardi is probably already a staple. But Bacardi’s Gran Reserva Ocho, aged eight years, can elevate even the most basic rum and Coke. Its butterscotch, caramel and sweet spice aromas and creamy, smooth finish make it easy to sip straight too if that’s more your dads style. Bacardi’s Gran Reserva Maestro, aged three years, is also the perfect white rum for sipping.

Hendrick’s Gin – $49.95
A good gin is a must-have for any bar, and Hendrick’s is one of the best thanks to its traditional juniper infusion combined with Bulgarian rose and cucumber to add flavour (tell your dad the Wall Street Journal even called it the best gin in the world). A gin and tonic is the most common way to enjoy the light, sweet, floral flavours of Hendrick’s, but cocktails like a gimlet, gin fizz or a Tom Collins are always a nice treat.

Hennessy Xo Cognac – $290.85
Hennessy has a reputation for being a favourite of a lot of hip hop artists, making an appearance in songs by rappers like Kanye West and Drake. But Cognac is known for its strict legal requirements. It must be twice distilled in copper pot stills and aged for at least two years in French oak barrels. XO grade cognac is aged for at least 10 years. Hennessy is more of a sipping liquor than anything, and there is a variety of different labels ranging from the low $60s to the higher $200s for XO grade.

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