Nice Guys Finish First: Three Small Gestures Women Appreciate

Nice Guys Finish First: Three Small Gestures Women Appreciate

Most men have a particular way of showing emotions especially to their significant others. Some prefer being sweet and passionate, while others are stoic yet equally appreciative all at the same time. Assume you’re already a wonderful “friend,” boyfriend, or husband to that special someone. Not only are you a good-looking guy who has the most amazing girl, but also have the proverbial “heart of gold.”

Having said all of that, you know deep inside you can always do better. You have an extra gear that accelerates you to being an all round good guy without going overboard. Altogether, being a good guy is neither about the grandness of your gifts nor is it based on the consistency of your relationship, as sometimes, it’s the little things that make a huge difference. To shed some light on the subject, here are three small gestures women appreciate.

Nice Guys Finish First Three Small Gestures Women Appreciate - Actions 2Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Based on an archived post on Reddit, a lot of women prefer and appreciate goodbye kisses in the morning. It makes them feel at home, as well as gives them the comforting warmth and welcoming effect overall. In a way, it’s like saying, “I’m so glad to see you” or “I’m going to miss you” without actually verbalizing it at all. Another thing you could also do is to write her a short and sweet note on a Post-It and stick it on her favorite purse. If you’re in different rooms of the house doing other things, you can also randomly walk up to her, kiss the top of her head, and walk back out without saying a single word.

Nice Guys Finish First Three Small Gestures Women Appreciate - GentlemanBona Fide Gentleman
Chivalry may have taken a back seat for most guys, but for you, you’re still at the top of your game because of this. One thing you could do is to help her with her jacket. Say she’s wearing a bomber jacket, a design that Lyst has an array of different styles on their website, calls a bona fide closet staple. You can be the perfect gentleman by either helping her take it off at a restaurant or carry it as you stroll out of a theater. In this age of buff and metro dudes who focus more on themselves, she’ll probably be surprised at this gesture, positively catching her off guard. Helping her with her jacket is like rebirth of the classic opening doors (which you should also continue to do).

Nice Guys Finish First Three Small Gestures Women Appreciate - KnightKnight in Shining Armor
Being a knight in shining armor may carry a negative connotation in recent years, according to a study by Mark Manson of Good Men Project. However, this shouldn’t hinder you to be like one for your significant other. Women like to be comfortable in every possible way – getting a couple’s massage, giving her a simple foot rub, and the likes. In addition, they also feel a unique sense of comfort from knowing that you’re always there to protect her. You can do this without being over-the-top obsessive by placing a hand on her lower back or holding her hand as you lead her through a massive crowd of people. This works well during concerts, music festivals, and movie date nights.

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