How To Pour The Perfect Pint Of Beer

Above: Heineken ambassador Franck Evers in Toronto

Open the bottle, pour, drink and repeat. You probably thought that drinking a beer was that simple. It can be, but with a little attention to detail you can definitely amp up your beer-drinking experience. We asked Heineken ambassador Franck Evers for few tips and he was happy to share his tested and true Heineken pouring ritual.

Here are five steps that will have you pouring the perfect pint in no time.

Step1: Rinse

Rinse your beer glass with a little cold, fresh water. Remember to hold the glass at the base to keep it cold and clean. Never dry the glass, as this could leave tiny fibers behind.

Step 2: Pour

Hold your beer glass at a 45 degree angle and pour the beer in one smooth motion for a full, satisfying head. Slowly straighten the glass as it fills.

Step 3: Skim

At the moment the beer begins to overflow, use a skimmer to remove all of the excess foam. Skim the head at a 45 degree angle to create an unbroken seal.

Step 4: Settle

Let the beer settle as the head rises gently above the top of your glass. For the perfect head, you should aim for approximately 2 fingers of foam.

Step 5: Serve

Hold the glass at its base for hygiene purposes and serve on a coaster to absorb condensation dripping along the glass.

It’s as easy at that. Now go enjoy your perfectly poured pint and taste the difference.

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