Manly Drink Du Jour: Picnic Smash

At the height of barbecue season, you’ll want something that matches summer’s sizzle. Sure, scotch is always great swimming around a couple of ice cubes in a glass, but this zesty cocktail strikes the right balance between fresh and frisky. Give it a try…


• 2 oz (60 ml) Grant’s Family Reserve Scotch Whisky
• 2 oz (20 ml) fresh lemon juice
• 3/4 oz (1.5 tbsp/20 ml) simple syrup
• 6 loose mint leaves


• Combine ingredients and shake well with ice. (Simple syrup is a no brainer. It’s equal parts water and sugar. Heat water in a small pot, then add sugar. It dissolves. Done. Cool.)
• Strain over fresh (crushed) ice in a rocks glass
• Garnish with a lemon wheel, sit back, and sip. Repeat as necessary.

Michele Sponagle

Canadian journalist Michele Sponagle is a prolific creator of lifestyle editorial, from travel to style, from relationships to food trends. She has been there and done that in more than 60 countries — and still counting. She has contributed to most of Canada’s leading media outlets and racked up more than 10 National Magazine Award nominations and one win from the Travel Media Association of Canada for best family feature.

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