Your Coffee Just Went High Tech With Nespresso

Above: Wake up and control the coffee with Nespresso Prodigio
Your Coffee Just Went High Tech With Nespresso

By now we have all become familiar with the advances in at home coffee brewing; most of us no longer need to grind and brew coffee, we simply pop in a capsule or pod and press a button. Voila, fresh and delicious coffee. It couldn’t be any easier, right? Well it just got even easier thanks to the folks over at Nespresso. The brand has just launched the Prodigio –  the first ever smartphone connected coffee machine. The new Prodigio machine is different than any other of the brand’s coffee machine before, allowing the owner to instantly brew their coffee from the comforts of bed with the use of their smartphone. What better way to win points with your partner then to hit brew on the app from your bed and surprise them with a fresh cup of coffee that is ready by the time they make their way to the kitchen? The perfect way to ensure they be sleeping over again.

Besides the obvious player move of making a cup of joe from your bed, you can activate your machine to brew a cup of fresh coffee from virtually anywhere in your home. The machine uses Bluetooth Smart® technology to allow the user to log into their Nespresso app and control multiple functions. With the simple swipe of a few buttons on the app, users are able to brew a fresh cup from the comfort of their sofa. The user can also use the app to check on their pod supply levels and order a stock replenishment right from their phone. Your coffee machine just got a whole lot smarter.

The new Prodigio from Nespresso is available now from $269.

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