Home Scent: The NEST Sahara Spice Candle

Above: The NEST Sahara Spice Candle
Home Scent: The NEST Sahara Spice Candle

• Fact: Smell is one of the first things someone notices when they enter your home.
• Fact: Anything smells better than your man cave, hockey bag and laundry hamper.
• Fact: Real men burn scented candles. Period.
• Fact: The fragrance from a scented candle helps diminish unwanted odour.
• Fact: NEST Sahara Spice 3-wick candle is the scent-saving fix you need.

Replete with spicy cardamom and coriander, earthy nutmeg, creamy sandalwood and a touch of ginger that oozes into warm vanilla bean, this candle is not only sexy and masculine it fills the room with a welcoming, soothing, delectable aroma. And with three wicks replacing the traditional and standard one wick, you’ve got about 100 hours of mood lighting ahead of you.

Plus, the white, paraffin wax candle with its thick, heavy white glass container, embossed in frosted white stripes will fit into any room’s décor easily. And even when it’s not lit, its luxurious smell will waft throughout the air, creating a sense of calm and wellbeing. After all, it’s more than just a fact that sandalwood and spice will always smell better than your socks.

Nest, Sahara Spice 3-wick candle is $64, available at Sephora stores across Canada.

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