Cottage Hunting With Colin And Justin: Fall Is The Time To Buy

It may seem like summer is but a distant memory. Don’t you already miss those amazing cottage weekends at your friends summer place? Or perhaps you rented your own for a week or two.  Now, we all know we can’t go back there but have you planned for next summer yet? It may seems like next summer is just too far away to contemplate but did you know fall is the perfect time to go cottage hunting? We sat down, again, with our favourite cottagers, Colin and Justin to find out more.

AmongMen: Okay let’s start off with the idea that people shouldn’t buy a cottage in the spring but rather it is better to buy it in the fall? Is the off season really the best time?
Colin: Fall is the perfect time to swoop down and purchase a cottage. Many owners are thinking about closing down their cottages at the end of the season and the responsibility of looking after everything over winter is a drag. So thoughts turn to selling. Consequently listings are strong…

AM: But what makes the purchase of cottages and regular homes different? Any advice?
Justin: With city homes, decisions are based on practicality: school catchment, distance to shops and commute being just a few of the factors that steer the buying process.   But when it comes to investing in a holiday home, decisions often come from the heart.

AM: What is the first thing people should look for in a cottage to buy?
Colin: The VERY first thing to consider is choosing a good realtor. He or she will better understand your chosen area and will better appreciate market trends. In terms of buying, we always say (if you like the prospect of a fixer upper) ‘look for the worst cottage on the best lake’. You can, after all, change anything about the cottage… but its position is a fixed feast.

AM: You both have traveled to many cottages all over this land, what are your favourite ‘cottage regions’ in Canada?
Justin: We have a portfolio of cottages in Haliburton, Ontario, and love the area because of the rugged granite topography, the amazing lakes and of course the welcoming locals.   Canada is rich with options – we’re desperate to visit Savary Island in BC – rumoured to offer a unique off grid experience, beautiful beaches and the most temperate water north of Mexico, due to the warm southern tide. And we also have Alberta and Atlantic Canada on our ‘to-do’ list!   But first things first: we’re looking to convert one of our residential cottages into a small, boutique hotel. And renovating and then flipping another. And, hell, moving lock stock and barrel into a third property. Looks like being a busy time…”

So if you are looking to buy a cottage this fall why not plan a weekend in the country, hunting out your favourite lake or small town. Check the local real estate listings and find yourself a great agent. And of course, why not tune into Colin and Justin’s newest  docu-series, Great Canadian Cottages, on Cottage Life, Thursdays at 10:00pm. It will provide you with endless cottage inspiration (and envy). You can also check out their Instagram for great design inspiration: @colinandjustin.

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