You Can Now Share SoundCloud Tracks on Instagram

With more and more updates and technological innovations, the lines between social media platforms continue to blur. If you’re over the age of 20, you may recall that there was once a time where Facebook was the main outlet to post pictures and links to your favourite tunes. In the year 2018, however, you can do that easily across multiple applications.

Perhaps the prime example of an ever-evolving medium is none other than Instagram, which has grown from a simple personal gallery, to now one of the most prominent online spaces in the world. Most recently, the company introduced its long form video feature called, IGTV, which has seen some success thanks to forward-thinking brands and artists.

Now, Instagram executives have pulled the trigger on some fresh integration with music titan SoundCloud. The latest initiative, which is officially live, is aiming to please music buffs and build audiences for emerging talents. In order to utilize the feature, users will have to tap into their SoundCloud app and click the share button. Among the other classic functions, you’ll now be able to select a button to post via Instagram stories.

Watch the videos below to get a closer look and then test it all out for yourself.


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